We’re not quitting, we’re just going on a permanent hiatus.

You’ve all been pretty loyal to me and I’m grateful for that. I’ve tried my hardest to make Smashing fun for everyone including myself, but somwhere along the way I forgot myself. I’ve had a pretty rough time in my personal life and Smashing is starting to feel like a full time job that isn’t worth it. More than that, it’s starting to hurt my relationships with my family. That means it’s time to step back and try something else. I still want to make yoyos but on a much smaller scale. That said, I want to take a quick look back on what we’ve done.

We’ve made some great yoyos along the way. Some designed by me, some designed by the team and one designed by a good friend. I’m proud to have my name on all of them.

We’ve made a lot of friends and helped promote them with videos. We haven’t been able to make a video for all our friends but I’m going to continue to do this. It might not be under Smashing anymore but I really enjoy promoting amazing people.

Our team has grown from a bunch of yoyoers to a family who will remain friends forever, no matter what happens. I feel so grateful to be a part of something with them. They are so generous with huge hearts, anyone is lucky to know them.

Thank you. Thank you for your support and your loyalty. I won’t ever forget it. I don’t know when (or if) I’ll ever pick up the Smashing mantle again, but I just wanted to be honest with you all. I owe you that after all the great things you’ve given me. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I’m officially saying, Smashing YoYo Company isn’t going to be making any more yoyos for the foreseeable future. I’ll continue to fulfill orders as they come in as quickly as I can.


I made a video where the string changes colour the whole way through. They’re not ground breaking tricks, I’m just having a lot of fun with my Float!

Thanks to Airetic String for letting me try it for this video. Those guys are great! You can’t buy a Float here, but you can pre-order a Titanium Float by clicking here.

Titanium Float – Pre Order

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Where did this come from?!!’. Well, honestly I just posted a story to Instagram to play around. I was going to post one just after saying that it was a joke but we got so many messages from so many people and Scales got so excited by the idea that we’re going with it.

You can expect the same specs as the original Float. It’s the same size and weight. We’ve redesigned it for the new material but made sure to keep the weight in the same places so it plays just like the Float you already love, only more of it. 

The only aesthetic difference we made was making the flat part of the cup ever so slightly convex. We want to keep the same look but keep the weight distribution in check and this was the most elegant solution without making a very short axle.

It’s most likely going to be ready by January.  We’ll keep you updated when we make major progress. If you have any questions just DM us on social media or use the form here. What are you waiting for? Click here to snag one for yourself and don’t forget to check out Scales Collective to get the most out of playing with it.

Introducing Bachi!

You know who Bachi is. It’s Bachi! He joined us a little while ago and we’re so happy to announce that he’s now one of us! He’s such an incredible player with a huge vault of tricks and elements.

Couldn’t be happier to have Bachi in the Smashing Family. Video was recorded by YoYoFriends team leader, Yiyang (Philip) Wang! Thank you!