Contest Time – Spool Thread Co. x Smashing Yoyo Company

(I know this might sound weird but it was written by Ed over at SpoolThreadCo from his perspective, you’ll get the gist and a chance to win regardless!)

So as all companies do once in a while – it’s contest time. The Whipper Slacker contest.

Being a string company that likes to play in the world of color, I wanted to do things focused on the string aspect of throwing, as well as the artful side of throwing. So, what we will have is a whip/slack contest, but not based on the most technical or difficult, but judged on the most artful, beautiful, plain coolest looking trick. You don’t have to be the best, or do the craziest quadruple tower whip, you just gotta do it with style.

So lets get the official rules out of the way:

  1. Post a trick to Instagram (and only Instagram) utilizing whips and slacks in the most visually artful and beautiful way. Of course you can have other elements in there, but the focus should be whips and slacks. (Instagram helps us keep track and is organized, this will be the only method of submission, sorry).
  2. Use hashtag #WhipperSlacker
  3. Trick must be 20 seconds or less
  4. Trick must be one throw only, regens are OK. This isn’t a craziest whip contest so going from whip to dismount to whip to dismount won’t score high.
  5. 1 entry only – Edit and remove the tag on older post if you want to change your entry – if you don’t remove the tag we take first entry.
  6. Trick must have been recorded and posted AFTER the announcement of contest – we will just take your word for it – don’t be a cheater.
  7. To combat the repost trend, if you repost the contest announcement you are immediately disqualified, even if you remove it. Let people know about the contest by posting a trick. It’s all about content generation!
  8. The most “beautiful” looking trick wins. Not the most tech, fastest, or most tricks, just the best looking use of the string itself.
  9. Contest will run for a solid 14 days -winner announced whenever we decide (pretty soon after it ends).
  10. Must have guardian consent to enter if you’re a minor in your part of the world.

So now that the boring stuff is out of the way, how about the fun stuff… First a BIG thanks to Jordan of Smashing. To celebrate my collecting of all 8 first run Monocles, and the re-release of the Monocle, he has been generous enough to donate 2 yoyos to the prize pot to make things more tempting, Monocles or Interlagos.

  • 1st place – Choice of yoyo of those provided, and choice of 2 packs of Spool Thread Co. string (dual color or solid)
  • 2nd place – Choice of yoyo the 1st place didn’t pick, and choice of 1 pack of Spool Thread Co. string (dual color or solid)
  • 3rd place – Your choice of 3 packs of Spool Thread Co string. (dual color or solid)

Oh and one more rule, Have fun!

Smashing in Iceland

So we did it. We went to Iceland to check out the show and spread some Smashing YoYo Company love. We all had a great time. Especially because it was the Brits first chance to meet Abby in person and she’s as wonderful as we’d imagined she is. Roland, Victor and Abby did a fantastic job of representing us and where we’re going, I could not be more happy or more proud to have them with us.

Anyway, onto the good parts. Here’s Abbys routine for the Women Division.

And who could forget Victor?


We’re already planning our trip to Shanghai and probably Cleveland too! We can’t wait to meet you all there. In the mean time, enjoy this picture that one of our party took.

Post worlds with @chaosgow @slvrandblk and @ciczlow

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Smashing at WYYC 2017

Yes that’s right! Smashing will be at the 2017 World YoYo Contest in Iceland. We’ll be posting updates on our Instagram stories throughout the contest so come find us if you’re around. You’ll get to meet Victor, Roland, Abby and myself. Don’t be shy, come and say hi!

In other news, since we’ll be away for a while, the store will be going offline on Tuesday (8th Aug) and will come back up on the following Tuesday (15th Aug). Don’t worry though, we’ll have something special for you soon!

Introducing the #SmashingYoYos Monthly Giveaway

We love seeing your photos and tricks that include our yoyos. We love it so much we’re going to be giving away two yoyos every month to our two favourite posts that include a Smashing YoYo Company product and the #smashingyoyos hashtag on Instagram.

The rules are simple. Upload a photo or video that includes a Smashing YoYo Company yoyo or product and include the #smashingyoyos hashtag and we’ll pick our favourite at the end of every month. We’ll make a post on the first week of every month to announce the winners. It’s that simple.

The first winners won’t get the yoyo in the picture, they’ll get what we have at the time (and we have some cool stuff coming!)

Just remember, it’s about our favourite post, not the most posts so spamming won’t get you a win.

Armani Gentles-Williams – A new fighter appears!

This is Armani Gentles-Williams. He likes to call himself Genitals Willy Ham Sandwiches and he has a very unique style of tricks. He is a hero, a whip master and a knight of all things string.

Join me in welcoming Sir Armani into the Smashing family. We’re proud to have him with us.