Introducing the #SmashingYoYos Monthly Giveaway

We love seeing your photos and tricks that include our yoyos. We love it so much we’re going to be giving away two yoyos every month to our two favourite posts that include a Smashing YoYo Company product and the #smashingyoyos hashtag on Instagram.

The rules are simple. Upload a photo or video that includes a Smashing YoYo Company yoyo or product and include the #smashingyoyos hashtag and we’ll pick our favourite at the end of every month. We’ll make a post on the first week of every month to announce the winners. It’s that simple.

The first winners won’t get the yoyo in the picture, they’ll get what we have at the time (and we have some cool stuff coming!)

Just remember, it’s about our favourite post, not the most posts so spamming won’t get you a win.