Curating that Luxury Experience

Luxury isn’t just about something being expensive, it’s about feeling the craftsmanship and conveying the artisan spirit. I want you to experience the thought and effort that went into creating your Smashing yoyo when you receive one. Everything from the yoyo itself, the packaging, even the box it’s shipped in has some thought behind it. Finding the right packaging was an interesting experience. There are so many people trying to sell me unique and interesting boxes at a wide range of prices.


The constant need to keep the price down means my choices are more and more limited but regardless of price, I’ve found the perfect box for the Poppet. It’s unique, attractive and totally perfect for the Poppet. Picking just the right extras for the inside was another interesting fight. I debated about so many things but in the end, decided some nice stickers and a badge for every yoyo so you can show off the Smashing YoYo Company logo wherever you go.


Every yoyo also comes with a nice pouch and it all fits nicely in the pretty box with a shiny sticker on the front to complete that luxury feel. Check out this unboxing video from Andrew Woodford to see for yourself.

It all comes together to give you a nice unboxing experience that you’ll remember and will get you excited to play with your new Poppet. I’ve had a lot of fun and anguish creating this experience and I hope it’s everything for you, that I’ve imagined it will be.


To end the post and provide an update we have some special 50/50 edition Poppets available for the drop day. They are limited to 1 of each and will be £67. You can view them yourself, right now on the store page. Finally, it’s sad but necessary to announce that we have no more of the G Squared Unicorn Acid Fade Poppets because they were so popular among the team and reviewers with the final 2 being sold at the UK National YoYo Contest on the 2nd. They will not be available to buy but we have plenty of everything else. The drop is 6pm GMT on Sunday 17th, don’t miss out!


UK players playing with the Poppet

After the UK National YoYo Contest 2016, while people were waiting for their taxis and rides to the pub, I setup my camera and asked them to do some tricks with the poppet so they could tell me what they thought. There are some amazing players here including current and past national champions. Have a watch and enjoy.



Introducing – The Poppet

It’s been a long fight. I first started planning in February and very little looks like the plans I had in my head back then. Where the design and finished product have ended up have exceeded anything I could have dreamed. Introducing the Poppet – Smashings first yoyo.


There were compromises to be made to keep the price something people can afford. Britain just couldn’t match the impeccable attention to detail that I was demanding for the price I was aiming for so I turned to China. Even then keeping the tolerances this high and the price down was a challenge but it’s real quality you’ll notice as you play hard, it’ll keep up with you. I’ve partnered with an ethically run small engineering shop with people I can trust to deliver the best yoyos at a price I can be proud of.


As you can see, it was worth it. I could not be happier with how it looks. The stats came in exactly as I’d planned them and everything has gone right which has kept the price somewhere people can afford. The contrasting curves and angles provide a comfortable catch zone while looking beautiful and shows off the skills of the people who created it with me.


  • Diameter: 54mm
  • Width: 42mm
  • Weight: 64g
  • Gap: 4.45mm
  • Pads: 19mm Slim
  • Material: 7075 aluminium
  • Price: £65 for solid colours. £70 for fades and splashes.
  • Release Date: Sunday 17th July

It’s everything I wanted it to be from the material, dimensions and price. Every bit of energy has been worth it. All the pennies have been well spent. All the tears are in the past.

I’ve had the help of a lot of UK players and especially from Luke Roberts. To thank him for his thought, effort and everything else he’s done, I’ve created a special edition Poppet that you can only get through his store which has become a beloved feature of the UK yoyo community.. The blue and yellow fade is what he chose for his version of the Poppet and we’re both excited for how it turned out.


The only way to get your hands on one early will be at the UK National YoYo Contest where we are a proud core sponsor. They’ll be available to buy on the YoYo Village stall and there will be a few floating around so you can try it before you buy it.



It’s been a bit of a rough ride. I’ve talked to a lot of machinists and anyone with the tools required to make yoyos have no interest in making yoyos because they can make a lot more money by making parts for planes or rockets. Those that willing to take the challenge aren’t quite equipped for the job. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for the parts so they can expand their tools but I need to keep the price down and that’s going to be a constant challenge. That’s becoming more and more clear.complete One of the biggest steps though, was getting the design of the yoyo finished. It’s designed for durability over performance. The idea is to create a strong yoyo that’ll look good on a holster, play like a monster and take dings well.  I’m really happy with how it’s all shaping up, even if there are going to be a lot more challenges ahead. It’s slow progress, but it’s progress. Even though it’s a performer, this yoyo is designed to last. A long axle and relaxed design, combined with the super strong 7075 aluminium should make for a very sturdy throw that will play well and take damage without introducing vibration.explode

I took my main design inspiration from the Formula 1 cars that inspired me. The big chunky rims remind me if the big slick tires that those cars are sporting. I can only hope you’ll find it as attractive as I do

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. This is one of the most exciting (And scariest) times in my life.


Work to do!

Britain has always had a history of excellence in engineering. I’ve always enjoyed reading about it, especially in car racing. Formula One is the pinnacle of racing engineering and driving skill and British engineers are the heart of those cars. From the people who design the engines to the people who design those flappy bits sticking out of the spoilers, it’s all done in Britain for a lot of teams. Even teams who aren’t based in Britain have a lot of British engineers on their team at every rung of the ladder.

It’s not just racing. That is what has kept my love of Britain’s engineers alive but it’s not the only great things we’ve accomplished. The Rolls Royce Trent engines power a lot of the world’s commercial airplanes. We built a tunnel under the English Channel to connect London and Paris by train. It was also British Engineers that created the Raspberry Pi to empower the rest of the world to engineer their own dreams into reality.

A short look at the landscape of modern yoyoing reveals that there is nobody making yoyos here. “That can’t be!” I thought. I knew if anything was going to happen, I’d have to do it myself. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. It’s was never going to be an easy task, not by any means, but it was going to be a task worth doing because it’s a cause I believe in.

I’ve clearly got my work cut out for me, I’m an engineer now. I’ll go put the kettle on and get to work.