Jacob Gross cuts a pip in half.

Jacob Gross, owner of G Squared YoYos (Which we love by the way) has finally cut his Pip in half. He left it to the last minute because he loved playing with it so much. Roland says it looks like batman and I completely agree. Click Here to place your order before it’s too late. There’s just about 24 hours left before it’s gone and you won’t get another chance.

No minimum order for the Pip

Yes that’s right! We’ve checked the books and we’re able to proceed with the Pip without hitting the original minimum goal! That means your Pip order is 100% guaranteed to happen. There’s no reason to wait anymore, get one while you can!

Victor Sacchelli Joins Smashing YoYo Company!

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Victor Sacchelli as he joins us at Smashing YoYo Company. Victors incredible tricks and the way he makes them all look effortless are an inspiration to us. Not only is he an amazing player (seriously), he’s a nice guy too! I have no doubt that he’ll fit right in at Smashing and make us all proud. Maybe we’ll even get the chance to make him proud too.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, our very own Roland Thomas-Biason has created a video to introduce him and his tricks to the world on one of my personal Monocles (Don’t worry, Victor has plenty for himself).

I’m so proud of what our team is achieving. We’ve become more than just a team, we feel more like a family now and it gives me a warm feeling in my gut. Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy the video!

Smashing YoYo Company x Ramshackle Throw Design – Pip.

When John from Ramshackle first showed me the Pip design, I knew it was something he had to get made. Money is tight for a fledgling college student so he couldn’t afford it but one of the aims of Smashing (I really should get that written down) is to support people doing cool stuff in the yoyo community so together, we put our money where our mouths are.

We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy, or cheap project because with all the angles and curves, it’s not an easy yoyo to create, especially from a technical standpoint. Regardless of the difficulty, we got it done and we hit the nail on the head. The Pip is the perfect training yoyo. At only 30mm wide and the width that is there is unforgiving to say the least, it requires incredible accuracy to land tricks on. After a lot of testing and revisions, we ended up with something incredible, even if it might not look like it at first glance. A great mix of performance, nice feel and with plenty of challenge thrown in for good measure.

Width – 30.8mm

Diameter – 54.5mm

Weight – 67.5g

Bearing Size – C

Pads – 19mm Slim pads

Price – £80


The only way to get your hands on one, is to pre-order one. We have not placed the order for the full production and we won’t. We will make as many you order. If we don’t meet the minimum goal of 20, we’ll cancel the whole thing and refund your money. We might make a small batch for stores if they ask though that’s not very likely.

What are you waiting for? Order one now!