SLVRANDBLK x Smashing YoYo Company – Introducing Andy Jones – Coffee

So Andy has been with us for a while now but we haven’t had the chance to make a video to show you why we think he’s so good. Roland got that chance at UK Nats this year and this is the result.


We’re incredibly happy to have him on the team. If you don’t know him from winning 1.5 UK Championships, or from the Fist Salud team page, you should know him now. Welcome to the team, Andy!

The Float – A collaboration with Scales Collective

I’ve been watching Scales since it started. I realized you could actually sponsor the podcast as a company and it would all go towards contest sponsorship and the good stuff like that which gives back to the people who make what we do possible. I quickly contacted Andrew Bergen to get the ball rolling on it because they’re doing great things and deserve our support. We became friends and I fast discovered that he couldn’t go to worlds this year and that’s just criminal. What’s the best way to fix it? The solution to all of life’s problems, of course. A yoyo!

So I proposed that we create a yoyo together and use 100% of the proceeds to get him to Shanghai for the world yoyo contest and sponsor as many others as we can. It’s so important to have the best players at the world yoyo contest, even if they’re not on the Smashing team. Anyway, we set about getting a design we’re both happy with.

I did the design to Andrews specification, making it his dream yoyo. It’s able to do his incredible tricks and inspire confidence to do them on stage without fear of a lack of power but still fun enough that he’ll want to use it all the time. We created the Float and it’s perfect.

We’ll be taking pre-orders from the 9th of June until the 15th of July. It’ll be our usual pre-order style run. The reason for this is that we found out too late. It takes a long time to get a yoyo ready for your hands and we need to get him there in time. A pre-order run is the best way to do this because it gets us the money to send Bergy to Shanghai. They go live tomorrow, a great way to celebrate 2 years of Smashing!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the specs.

  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Weight: 59.5g
  • Gap: 4.6mm
  • Material: 7075 aluminium
  • Price: £65 Solid, £70 Splash

We’ll have a range of colours on offer. Mostly solid colours with a couple mystery fades. We won’t make any extra colours and any extra yoyos will cost £10 more once they’re ready and will only be sold once all the original orders have shipped. We’re super excited for you to try this, we know you’re going to love it. If you have any questions, pop a message in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We’re 2 years old now

To celebrate our second birthday, we’ve got a lot planned. Old and new yoyos, WIPs and a collaboration too! Everything will be happening on the 9th June and there’s a lot to get through so let’s just get to it.

We don’t usually go backwards but what better time to offer a chance at some of our older designs with a new paint job. You’ll have the opportunity to pre-order some of our oldest yoyos with a new, mystery colourway in this throwback run (They will all have the same, matching colourway). There will be limited availability. We’ll also be offering a combo pack, saving you a bunch of money if you want all 4. All options will come in special birthday packaging and the combo pack will come in an extra special presentation box. Don’t call it a comeback, it’s just a throwback.

We have a new design on deck. This one is called the Kubrick and it’s wide. At a whopping 52mm wide it’s very wide and we’re loving it. We’ll have a limited amount of these WIPs for £100.

We have a bunch of Crucibles left, so to help you out, we’re going to drop the price a little. They’re all going to be £60 each. The catch is, that you don’t know what colourway you’re going to get. What better way to show how we’ve matured than to tease you until they arrive.

Some of you might have heard that we’re doing another collaboration yoyo. Its true. I wonder who it’s with?? We’ll also have a limited amount of these WIPs for £100, as well as your chance to get in on the production run a bit cheaper.

It’s been a wild ride so far. We’ve grown so much. The team has grown into a huge family. We’ve connected with so many amazing people and been to some incredible places. This is our way of saying thank you and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Smashing x Rain City Skills – Luna

It’s rare we come across someone so creative with the dedication to make such a unique style like this work so well for them. Luna Harran has been working at this style for years and the hard work has come together to create something really cool.

It’s been a pleasure to work with her. Can’t wait to see where she ends up!