Team Competition Tee


Want to look like one of us? Want to show how much you love Smashing YoYos? Maybe you just want to throw some money at us? Either way, a cool shirt is just the ticket.

It has a small logo on the front, so your string can get the maximum visibility on stage while the back has a large logo so at the end, you can really show your support. Of course, this shirt isn't exclusively for competition, but it's perfect for it.

The photos were kindly taken by South and the shirts were modeled by our own Lewis Brook. We're very happy to feature their fantastic work!

Size Measurements

  • Medium – Chest 96.5-101.5cm, Collar 39-40cm, Waist 86cm
  • Large – Chest 104-109cm, Collar 41-42cm, Waist 91.5cm
  • Extra Large – Chest 112-17cm, Collar 43-44cm, Waist 96.5cm
  • Extra Extra Large – Chest 119.5-124.5cm, Collar 45-46cm, Waist 101.5cm
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