Jordan Blofeld


Jordan has been playing with yoyos on and off since 2012. Not the best player but doesn’t have to be to design great yoyos. He’s spent so much time and money on such an enormous collection of amazing yoyos, as well as reviewing them for, now he’s making his own and living the dream!


Hayley Morgan

Assistant Manager

Hayley is Jordan’s assistant. She helps with everything from finding players, testing yoyos to moral support and everything in between. More than anything though, she keeps Jordan from making terrible decisions and makes sure he feeds himself properly.

Victor Sacchelli


Victor is a monster on the string. His insane tricks, incredible speed and wonderful style is incredible. A true inspiration to the entire team. Not only that, he’s also a nice guy who’s never too busy to help the team.


Roland Thomas-Biason


You’ve probably seen his amazing videos and photos already, Roland helps us with a bunch of things as well as helping everyone he meets get themselves out there. Great at videos, great at tricks and even better at being awesome!

Abby Brodsky


Abby helps a lot of people to learn new tricks. If she’s not studying, she’s making video tutorials or teaching yoyo classes locally. Not only that, she’s very good too! Check out her youtube channel to see for yourself!

Armani Gentles-Williams


This is Armani Gentles-Williams. He likes to call himself Genitals Willy Ham Sandwiches and he has a very unique style of tricks. He is a hero, a whip master and a knight of all things string.

Rafael Vaccari


Rafael has a constant stream of chill vibes and fresh moves. His hard work and motivation combined with daily meditation makes him one of the most interesting people you’ll ever speak to. Go say hello.


Kevin Weller


Kevin is a strong up and coming player. He posts a lot of his progress on Instagram and he’s developing his own unique style. He’s still young but he’s using all his energy for improving himself and those around him who want to learn.


Sam Crestani


Sam has come so far in such a short period of time. He has a lot of great tech combos and some daemonic speed combos. He’s already won a contest in one of the most competitive areas of the world of yoyos and we know he can win more.

Kyle Cook


You probably know Kyle from Reddit or Instagram as the yoyoing chef. Well, now he’s cooking us some lovely dinners and giving us a show. His dedication and kind spirit are a credit to the community.


Lewis Brook


Lewis is a strong UK player who is showing a lot of potential. If he isn’t killing it with his yoyo, he’s taking beautiful pictures or filming his friends to help them get noticed. Lots of skills and a big heart, that’s Lewis.


Chris Deemie


Chris loves Rancid Milk and old yoyos.

Kyle Stewart

#1 Fan

If you’ve looked at yoyos on any social media platform, you know who Kyle is. We love Kyle. Kyle has a big heart. Kyle is funny. Kyle is smarter than Kyle lets on. Kyle is the best fan.