Thank you

Wow, it’s been a rough ride. I’ve spent months planning, designing and preparing. I’ve invested thousands into the design and manufacturing of a yoyo that I’ve always wanted to make. It’s been bumpy, but thanks to everyone on the team and the fantastic yoyo communities I’ve participated in, it’s been a huge success.

You might remember this video, I got a lot of great players, some of the best in the UK to try the Poppet in front of my camera at the UK National YoYo Contest just before the launch of the yoyo and the reception was great. I was feeling good but I was never confident enough to think I’d sell as many as I did and get the feedback from all over the world that I was sent. Leading up to launch, I tried a lot of things. Some went well, some didn’t.


The idea to create a few special 1 of 1 edition yoyos by swapping some halves was a fun one. A nice way to make you feel like your yoyo is that little bit more special than others. I feel like more companies should be doing this as not only do they make you feel cool, they look great too! Some things to learn from are the sharp rims, which I like but most people seemed to worry about and to make the nipple sharper for matador tricks. That’s good stuff to go forward with. Speaking of unique, 1 of 1 yoyos… 


I’ve learned so much about myself and the yoyo community though. Most importantly though, I learned to not take myself seriously. Yoyos are supposed to be fun. High performance, stable, spin forever, but most of all, fun! I made this one to remind myself of that every time I see it. Never the less, people are receiving their Poppets and the feedback has been fantastic. I’m so glad people are fond of what I’ve created, I can’t wait to see what you all can do with them.