Upgrading Our Packaging

Since the start, I’ve struggled to find a reliable source of boxes that I could call uniquely ours. The Poppet boxes looked great but were a pain to store and ship and a good friend did an amazing job on the Monocle boxes but we never really had the capital to invest in many of the things I wanted us to have. Now we’ve had a couple of successful runs and a very successful collab project we have a little more in the kitty to spend on our packaging. Here, for example, is what you’ll see when you get your Pip and all other yoyos for the foreseeable future.

All of the bows are hand tied by me. I wanted a way to show you that I took care over packaging every single yoyo that leaves my home. They may not be perfect bows all the time, but I did it by hand and I tried my best.

The boxes are distinctly ours. Textured white background with red print on a removable lid. The card is coated in white paper with a swirl effect and a slight sheen to make them look and feel just lovely and represent us and our brand. I agonized over this decision because I knew it’d be something we’d carry with us for as long as we’ll be making yoyos.

Once you get inside the box, you’ll see this card. It has all the information you need to get in touch and a thank you message for your support.

Once you’ve removed the card, you’ll see the yoyo wrapped up nice and warm in tissue, surrounded by foam. We’ll carry on including stickers and badges. The Pip will have the responsive bearing and axle in a bag with a Kitty String. Everything you need to get going.

It’s been a long journey. The team spent a lot of time assuring me I was making good decisions along the way (a lot of time) because I was very worried something might not work or would go wrong. Every moment was worth it though. It’s come together to really express how much I value everyone who supports us. Thank you, all of you, for giving us the chance to make all this real.

Feel free to let me know what you think either here through our contact form or through our various social media accounts. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.